Day 162: Chinese Finger Trap Owls

162_Chinese Finger Trap Owl Final“Create a trap. Think about what you’d want to catch and make something appropriate. It doesn’t necessarily have to function or be designed to catch a real thing.” – Noah Scalin

For fear of losing power for a second time tonight, I decided to work quickly. I learned how to create a Chinese finger trap from an online site. The instructions show you how to create the trap with ribbon, but I didn’t have any ribbon so I used paper instead. I colored two of the strips green in order to help give the trap a little bit of contrast as well as to help me once I started weaving. The directions recommend that you weave around a stick to help support the cylindrical frame. The only stick I had laying around was a 1/4″ inch diameter dowel. I was able to weave around the dowel, but unfortunately, the dowel’s thickness was too small to allow for my fingers to fit into either end. I drew a few owl friends on the Chinese finger trap to finish it off. This bi-axial braid technique was quick and easy. Maybe I will make another one that actually fits my fingers.

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