Day 43: Seed Beed Owl

43_Seed Bead Owl Final Tilt

“Learn something new. Ask a friend to help you do something using a technique or skill they’re good at.” – Noah Scalin

Tonight my Mother-in-Law taught me the ways of the seed bead loom. I knew going into this creation that I would need graph paper to plan out the owl design, but that was about it. The most frustrating part was stretching the thread onto the loom. However, once the warp was established, I quickly picked up how to go about weaving in the beads. That’s not to say I didn’t make any mistakes while I was weaving. I definitely did. Mistakes are good learning opportunities and I have made plenty in my day!

I ended up cutting back on the number of colors I was planning to use. If you look closely at my grid paper plan and compare it to the fianl owl, it doesn’t all line up and make sense. Of course I had to alter, change, and tweak the design as I went. Also, because the beads are rectangular and not square (like in the grid paper) the owl design ended up a little elongated. I actually like it better this way. The final design measures aeound 1 1/4″ wide by 2 1/2″ tall.

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